The decision a young mother-to-be makes now will probably be one of the hardest she’ll ever have to make. It is important that she make an active decision and not just let things happen or be pressured into a situation.

Our case managers provide tools and information for our mothers-to-be so they have all the necessary emotional support and resources to make the best decision for themselves and their newborn concerning adoption vs. parenting. Safe Babies Healthy Families collaborates with several local adoption agencies who provide guidance, support and counseling in making a birth plan.

If the birthmother decides that the best option for her is to place her child for adoption, our case managers provide prenatal education, emotional support and community resource referrals for the entire pregnancy to ensure a positive outcome for the young birthmother and her infant.


Adoption is a legal process in which you, as birthparents, terminate or end your legal rights to your child and a new set of parents takes on the responsibility for raising your child. You continue to keep all rights to your child until your parental rights are terminated in a court hearing.


Adoption is a big decision for you. It is a choice you make for yourself and your baby. Caring for a child is not an easy job. Look at yourself and decide what you want to do with your life. Think about your school and job situation. Think about who can help you with the baby and about the life-long responsibilities you assume when you become a parent. Think about your baby and decide what you want for your child. You make the choice. Our case managers will provide you with support and tools to help you through your decision process.


Adoption today takes many forms. It gives you, as birthparents, options as to how much involvement you wish to have in choosing an adoptive family for your child. It also gives you some choice as to how much you wish to know about the adoptive family. You have a right to plan for your child’s future, and should carefully think about how you want to do this. Our case managers can explain your different options so you can make an informed decision.

A Recent Adoption Story…

"At age 16, Jennifer was pregnant and unsure what she wanted to do about her unplanned pregnancy. Her doctor referred her to the organization so Jennifer could receive the comprehensive support services she needed.

Lindsey, one of our case mangers, met with Jennifer and discussed her options with her, including how to stay in school. Jennifer decided to attend a specialized program called SAPAR. The SAPAR program is a school program in Waukesha for students who are pregnant. After a few meetings with our case manager, she started talking more and more about adoption as an option. Lindsey referred her to several different adoption agencies, she chose to work with Bethany Christian Services.

Lindsey accompanied Jennifer to all of her meetings with Bethany Christian Services to provide emotional support. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy that weighed 7 pounds and 12 ounces. The adoptive family offered to let Jennifer see the baby whenever she wanted and currently gives her monthly updates on how the baby is doing.

With the help of the organization and one of our local adoption agencies, Jennifer was able to successfully make a very difficult decision to place her baby for adoption."